Mark Pellegrino at DLC Online

Heroes winning against odds is pretty inspirational.

Mark was talking here about Word of Mouth, which he sort of regrets. I can’t think why; it’s not a bad movie and his scenes are tame (to European eyes, at least!) There’s a part I particularly liked where Mark’s character is using a really old phone — there’s something about that scene which is really retro and iconic looking; of its era in a good way.

Leather jacket, underwear and socks? Interesting outfit!

Team Luci!

The wonderfully flamboyant Gavin Q. Baker III is one of my favourite of Mark’s characters — expensive suits, 450k watch, Cartier rings, statement brooches, and some serious sass.

Mark also said he enjoyed working on Being Human, and hanging with the cast.

Mark’s willingness to eat pineapple pizza is questionable at best. But at least it means perfection is something he still needs to work towards.

Wait a minute. Mark has a year of food for himself but only enough food for a couple of months for his dogs? Should Frankie and Jonnie be worried?

This is something I would love to see! It’s a wonderful book and such a nuanced character that I think Mark would bring a new take to playing.


It’s great to know that’s now scheduled for March (in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). Let’s hope things start returning to normal.

I sure hope to see Mark in person next year, but the online conventions are awesome too — and great for people who can’t travel.

Along with Fincher, Bennett Miller (who Mark worked with on Capote), Paul Thomas Anderson and others Mark no doubt remembered right after the panel.

Thanks Mark and People Con. That was great!