Mark Pellegrino is voting FOR moral agency, free will, independence, reason and right

I choose not to participate in national suicide; in the corruption of markets; the parasitic syphoning of wealth; the strengthening of the political class. I will not be an accomplice to the destruction of real people for the abstraction of the ‘common good’. I will not willingly accept my own immolation and the destruction of my friends, family and the American people. That is why I will NOT be voting for the two parties that brought us to the edge of oblivion. I will take control of my life and vote for the candidate who does not want to hurt me or anyone else for the sake of subsidizing his/her supporters. I’m going to vote FOR moral agency; FOR free will; FOR independence; FOR reason; FOR right. I’m voting against the ‘least poisonous’ option and going for no poison at all. Hope you do the same.

— Mark Pellegrino, Parler

Well said, Mark! What an amazing post.