American Rust Season 2

This interview with American Rust showrunner Adam Rapp gives a few details about Season 2. Don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers — there’s an interesting bit of info about what Virgil is up to!

Other plot elements that Rapp was willing to reveal include Del re-teaming with the Pittsburgh Police Department as a detective; Del and Grace trying to iron out their complicated relationship; Virgil taking over Rylan’s Tavern and rebranding it; Lee working at a Downtown Pittsburgh law firm and embarking on “an investigative journey for her character”; Isaac dealing with the fallout from season one and “exploring his newfound sexuality”; and a particularly impactful Billy storyline.

‘We got a lot of Pittsburgh’: ‘American Rust’ showrunner dishes on Season 2 shoot

Can’t wait. It sounds like Amazon is pretty optimistic, which hopefully means lots of promotion!