The Daily Objective: The Pope versus Capitalism

“Pope Francis believes that to bounce back from the COVID-19 social and economic crisis, the “dogmas” of “free market” and “neoliberalism” need to be left behind.On today’s episode of The Daily Objective, co-hosts Mark Pellegrino, Josh Dickson and Nikos discuss the Pope’s anti-capitalist stand.”

Ayn Rand Centre UK

In today’s episode, Mark, Josh and Nikos talked about the relationship between religion and capitalism, in particular the Pope’s attack on neoliberalism and free markets.

As usual, Mark had a lot of interesting things to say. Including:

  • The Pope’s comments sound like pseudo-intellectual gibberish. Innovation is the way out of any crisis.
  • Secularists don’t understand the nature of innovation either; they think it happens from the top down and don’t like the evolutionary way innovation happens in reality.
  • The left uses language as a tool of dominance in an attempt to gain leverage over their ‘opponents’
  • Capitalism is a natural evolution from the scientific revolution and the Renaissance.
  • The encyclical is full of bad premises. As Rand always said: ‘check your premises!’