The Daily Objective: Election Tuesday recap

If you missed Mark’s second episode as co-host of The Daily Objective, you can catch up above or on The Ayn Rand Centre UK Facebook page. It should also be available as a podcast and on YouTube.

In this Election Tuesday special, much of the discussion was about Joe Rogan wanting to host a debate between Trump and Biden. Mark’s initial response was to ask if he’s the only person who doesn’t care about spending four hours listening to Trump’s malignant narcissism or watching to see if Biden can string together coherent sentences for four hours. But despite initially thinking people are just interested in watching a train wreck, Mark was convinced by Rucka’s argument that it’s culturally significant, and is going to tune in for ten minutes. Although Mark thinks the Democrats have already won — regardless of the actual outcome — because they control the narrative and the realm of ideas and ethics, he’s been using Facebook to slap people on the left (mostly). I guess someone needs to save them from themselves!

Mark also said he’s in talks with ARI about some independent stuff that might whet people’s appetites with 2-3 minute segments. That sounds great! That could be an opportunity for Mark to engage his massive Instagram following too.