Mark Pellegrino on defending yourself and Twitter backlash

Mark wrote an excellent article about dealing with dishonesty and false accusations three years ago that is just as relevant today. Here’s a short extract:

Now it’s my belief that the march towards civilization is, essentially, the struggle to contain violence. The more violence is contained, the more civil our society. We have erected a system for just such containment. It’s called Due Process. Due process is the means by which violence is subordinated to reason. How? By a system of objective law. Law defines the terms of proper interaction; the nature of property; and the types of force that are proper and improper in a society whose social goal is the containment of violence; it defines rules for evidence (what constitutes evidence and what does not); Procedures for admittance of information; and protections of the natural rights of each and every person; both victim and the accused. All of that process is for the purpose of attaining justice. Justice, in sum, is the end result of a rational process. It is the attempt on the part of the executors of the law to get it right. What are they getting right? Reality. Facts. Guilt or innocence.

Mark Pellegrino

You can read the full article here: ‘Supernatural’s’ Mark Pellegrino has his say on defending yourself and Twitter backlash