Mark Pellegrino’s Internet Guardians

Mark is a warrior for justice who defends the innocent and stands against all kinds of bullying. His recent campaign raised funds through the sale of Guardians teeshirt, and now Mark is taking the Guardians a step further.

In an interview this week, Mark spoke at length about attention-seeking idiots and the need to hold online users accountable for their actions.

Most people are either kowtowing to them now or remaining silent, and I still will stand up and fight against these people because they have to be exposed for the charlatans they are, otherwise you’re surrendering. And I’m not going to surrender, even if the culture goes down to these people in flames. If I’m the only one out of a hundred who decides to fight it until the end, then so be it. I’ll be the guy that stands for truth, justice, due process, and the things I respect about civilization, instead of giving it over to barbarians inside the gates.

Mark Pellegrino

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