Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: Sitting Ducks

In episode 12 of The Tomorrow People, Stephen has to deal with Hilary, a fellow trainee who seems out to get him, and a camping trip with his mom’s boyfriend — who he believes is a Tomorrow Person out to get him.

Jedikiah has a zero-tolerance policy for many things, and he is a busy man … why is this recruit asking him procedural questions that they both know she knows the answer to?

Hilary is playing games. Jedikiah is the master at games.

There’s a flashback to John’s early days at Ultra, and the consequences of using his powers in front of a human.

Jedikiah always has his own agenda, but he’s not impressed when one of his trainees is pushing hers.

A set is set for Stephen’s friend, Astrid, but John shows up and teleports her not quite to safety. It’s touch and go for a while before she’s rescued by Cara, leaving John behind.