Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: Thanatos

This is a great episode for fans of Mark — Jedikiah is the main character, and we get to find out more about him.

In the last episode, Stephen’s father told him to look for Thanatos — which is the name of a Greek god who was considered to be the personification of death. That bodes well!

The episode starts with an experiment six years earlier.

That was dramatic!

A nightmare? Why is that on Jedikiah’s mind? And his relationship with Morgan makes a complex character even more interesting. What’s going on with Jedikiah?

Stephen thinks Thanatos is a research project at Ultra, so he, Cara and Russell decide to get in Jedikiah’s head — literally.

Wow. Cara got quite a bit of information out of Jedikiah’s head before he woke up. Jedikiah went from zero to badass very quickly, and it looks like Russell is in trouble.

That’s not good for Jedikiah. Jedikiah’s behind enemy lines, but Russell may be in even more trouble — the Tomorrow People are not going to be pleased to see Jedikiah in their top-secret lair!

Jedikiah doesn’t act like a hostage. Even tied up and at the mercy of several Tomorrow People, he still manages to seem like the most powerful person in the room.

Jedikiah knows a thing or two about John.

Cara felt Jedikiah’s paternal love for John when she was in his mind — and discovered there’s a woman he wants to keep secret. Uh oh! Cara might have got into Jedikiah’s head, but Jedikiah knows how to get into hers without telepathy.

Ouch! Poor Jedikiah! How does Mark manage to make him look so menacing when he’s tied up?

Watch the master manipulator at work.

Ultra is out looking for Morgan. Stephen, who tipped them off on behalf of the Tomorrow People, locates her — but let her go after finding out she loves Jedikiah.

Well, that changed Jedikiah’s willingness to talk.

Meanwhile, the Tomorrow People have gone looking for Dr Death, who tells them about limbo — the place between time — and the Founder is helping in the search for Jedikiah. It’s unlikely that’s out of kindness.

Jedikiah doesn’t look surprised by that revelation!

So Tomorrow People can’t kill, but nothing is stopping them from wanting someone else to do the dirty work.

Jedikiah, John and Roger … there’s an interesting mix of emotions.

Why’s John mad at Jedikiah for his own dishonesty? And maybe he should listen to Jedikiah.

Complex to the end — after all that, Jedikiah wants John alive.

What a brilliant episode! The cast works really well together and Mark does such an amazing job weaving Jedikiah’s many layers and keeping us all guessing.

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