Mark Pellegrino as Gavin Q. Baker III — the retainer

Gavin Q. Baker III appears in six episodes of The Closer.

In this first part, which is from the episode Home Improvement (S7E6), Brenda — the show’s main character — is advised to hire an attorney to defend herself against a lawsuit. She’s referred to the best, and most expensive, attorney in town: Gavin Q. Baker III.

Gavin is an amazing character. He’s the type of guy who’s clearly used to being the smartest person in the room — both in style and intelligence — and he puts Brenda in her place within seconds of meeting her, something Brenda is NOT used to.

Mark is terrific as Gavin. He delivers the lines with a lovely mix of humour, warmth, and focus that makes Gavin instantly likeable while making it clear he has a sharp wit and is at the top of his game.

I’ll post clips from Mark’s appearance in Death Warrant (S7E8) tomorrow, or you can check the YouTube playlist for any new additions.

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