Mark Pellegrino with Lloyd Beck

  • Mark has been productive in lockdown — he completed the first draft of a script yesterday.
  • The Omen was one of Mark’s favourite movies growing up.
  • Mark told the story of how he got into acting.
  • Before his audition for 13 Reasons Why, Mark read the book it’s based on. It was also around the same time that his best friend committed suicide, which fuelled his passion for doing a project around suicide and bullying.
  • Mark enjoyed Deputy Standall’s human side; that and his parenting side were more dominant in his personality than his cop side.
  • Scheduling conflicts stopped Mark being a season regular in Season 3, so he didn’t know for sure he’d be in Season 4.
  • There’s a bit of Mark in every character he plays. He identified with Deputy Standall as a father.
  • Mark has been busy with writing and his philosophy class, but hasn’t watched 13 Reasons Why yet.
  • There’s still no news on the show Mark was about to start filming before lockdown kicked in. Maybe in Fall.
  • Tracy is teaching in Paris at the moment — Mark might join her to teach Shakespeare — and working on a project called Trust in Her.
  • Mark’s advice for an aspiring actor: treat it as a craft and cultivate a sense of independence.
  • Talk to Mark on Twitter, but he’ll smack bullies.
  • Mark might eventually shrug and leave social media — he’s almost at that point. A troll recently cursed at him for his charitable work supporting David Dorn.
  • Twitter is like prison life. People huddle into masses that hate each other and want to be violent to each other.
  • Social media used to be better for debate about controversial topics. There’s too much vitriol for the can of worms feature he used to have.
  • Mark’s stepson got his masters at the University of Sussex.