Everything the left wants is anti life

Mark was asked to give one example…

Minimum wage: Causes unemployment, by pricing people who’s labor ain’t worth that price, out of the market. Hits teens and POC the worst. Licensing and certification laws: prevents qualified peeps with no capital from working. Hits the poor.

Socialized medicine: centralizing Costs and services robs the patient of autonomy, increases costs (deferred to others) across the board which incentivizes crevice cuts (rationing), kills innovation and R&D.

Welfare statism: incentivizes entitlement, promotes social pathologies and robs the middle class.

Climate Change: the obsession with killing fossils before a comparable replacement is ready will first impoverish and kill the poor in the unempowered third world and then strike us next with food shortages, supply chain disruptions, and higher costs of living. (Sound familiar?)

Want More? I can do this all day. Everything the left wants is anti life. The one area they acknowledge pro life attitudes (bodily autonomy) are executed in anti life ways.’

Mark Pellegrino