Charity exists in the market

“First off, a market is any place where force is banned so that people can exchange freely with each other. Gain is not monetary (as a person buying a cell phone parts with money he values less than the benefits he gets from the phone). That means the profit of one party is not necessarily material… but a satisfaction. Charity exists in this market… where force is banned and people give a value (money or resources) in exchange for the joy of helping another. A person’s incapacity does not entitle them to the servitude of another. Even in their state they must respect the sovereignty of their fellow human being and ask for help which any sovereign being is free to say no to. Depriving someone of that right to say no, is to claim compulsory servitude is a good. I don’t see it. As it stands you are free to hold your values and live by them. But you can’t make them another’s by legal fiat…. By force of law. Under the threat of violence if they don’t comply.”

Mark Pellegrino