The Daily Objective: The Olympics of Evil Recap

Mark and Rucka returned to debating whether religious conservatives or leftists are worse.

  • Modern skeptics are worse than religious conservatives (Mark)
  • Religion played a part in The Enlightenment and keeping Aristotelian philosophy alive (Mark)
  • Calling yourself an objectivist doesn’t make you an objectivist (Mark)
  • When Mark was a christian he was drawn to Christ as anti-establishment and the idea that every individual is worth the universe in the eyes of God.
  • Having no moral worth outside of the group is the source of most of the evils associated with collectivism (Mark)
  • The tradition-worship on the right (freedom and liberalism) is better than the nihilistic tendencies of the left (Mark)
  • It might buy time, but tradition isn’t enough to preserve the liberal tradition (Rucka)
  • There’s been decisive turn away from liberalism by the right (Rucka)
  • We’re in bad shape if we don’t have a renaissance of individualism and start to reach people with capitalism soon (Rucka)
  • Bernstein and Binswanger both find the trend towards nationalism concerning (Rucka)
  • There are a lot of ‘nationalist objectivists’ — they don’t get it, but they call themselves objectivists (Rucka)
  • Trump supporters [wrongly] feel Trump represents an American sense of life and anti-authoritarianism (Mark)
  • Mark and Rucka were both drawn to punk rock as kids — the rebellious spirit.
  • All types of people are appropriating objectivism (nationalists, christians, marxists, anarchists) (Rucka)
  • Saying it so doesn’t make it so — none of those things are compatible with objectivism (Mark)