A New Year message from Mark Pellegrino: your life is yours. Live it!

Hey you guys. First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays.

I want to thank all of you for your love and support through thick and thin. It has meant a great deal to me.

I’ve been through some tough times, and you guys have been through some tough times, and I feel pretty awesome that we’ve built a community where we can lock arms and support one another through those tough times. It’s pretty awesome.

For anybody who’s new to my social media feed, you’ve probably seen some crazy arguments — that aren’t so crazy! They may seem trivial to you, coming on to a feed about whether .999… is the same as 1. Or what the nature of doubt is. But those are ultimate question discussions whether you know it or not, whether you feel it or not. It may seem just like trivial nonsense or semantics to you, but we’re talking about the nature of reality.

And I think our answers to these questions and to these arguments are fundamental. They’re a fundamental piece of an overall puzzle.

So, try not to hate those discussions. I think they’re actually very important.

There’s no bullshit on my site. You guys know that. On my Twitter feed, there’s philosophy, math, history, politics. It’s all serious. And there’s some jokes in there too, and some fun, and we have fun with each other.

And sometimes, the stuff gets a little bit heated because we’re passionate about the way we think and feel — especially when we’re fighting against skepticism.

But overall, it’s all in good reason, my friends.

So, thank you, guys, for your support. You know I will have your backs always. I will not desert you in times of trouble. And let’s just make that a maxim for our little group. We got each other’s backs. No matter what, we’re there for each other. I’m there for you. Alright?

Thanks, y’all. Happy New Year!

Remember your life is yours. Live it! With everything you’ve got. Make sure there’s nothing left at the end. Peace.

Mark Pellegrino

If you don’t already follow Mark on Twitter, you can find him here: @MarkRPellegrino. It’s never dull!

Happy New Year!

You can download the video here: https://www.cameo.com/v/5fe80c5561a2be001debacb6