Mark Pellegrino on the generosity of strangers

Here’s a lovely story Mark shared about his experience in Morocco during Ramadan.

This experience moved me very much even though it may seem like a little thing to anyone watching. I was working in Morocco in the summer (I think 2016). It was Ramadan. My wife and I took a weekend trip to Spain, but I’d been called back to work early… our ferry couldn’t take off because the winds were so bad… so we had to leave from a different place further in… this landed us in a remote port many miles from Tangier. We had to wait for a taxi to come all the way to us to pick us up… we’d had nothing to eat. The guard, and his shared their Iftar with me… they had not eaten nor had anything to drink the whole day and still shared their soup with a hungry stranger. I was very moved by this experience… and this and many more generous and wonderful experiences is what I take from from my own personal experiences. That and the millions of people like that are whom I hold in my mind when I defend innocent people against ALL manner of barbarity.