Mark Pellegrino: any compromise with evil is a victory for evil

On The Daily Objective #90, Mark, Nikos and Jonathan discussed the case against the UN.

Nikos: Are we being too harsh. How else can we bring world peace?
Mark: By roundly rejecting most of the people on the UN human rights council.

I find that people on the left who are enamoured of this kind of thing tend to like their ideas more than the realities of things. Whenever I’m confronted with an actor on stage who’s faking, and then they tell me their story at the end, I say, ‘well saying it so doesn’t make it so.’ And it seems to me that the left largely thinks, ‘well because we say this is a kumbaya international family, and harmony can be reached because we are a family, it must be so.’ When of course it isn’t.

As Jonathan alluded to earlier, any compromise with evil is a victory for evil. And that’s why we see the UN predominantly being an institution of evil.

Mark Pellegrino