Mark Pellegrino in 13 Reasons Why: S3E13 Let the Dead Bury the Dead

Deputy Standall is giving the evidence a critical look — is his son involved in the murder of Bryce Walker?

Ani wants to tell Deputy Standall “who did it” — but everybody has a reason so she’s going to make him listen to the whole story first.

Alex isn’t the only student at Liberty High who was in possession of a gun.

Is Deputy Standall convinced?

But how does Ani know all this? She appeared from nowhere and found out everybody’s secrets. Can Deputy Standall believe her? He surely wants to, if it means Alex is innocent.

Bill has some good news for his son.

Wow. Such an amazing scene! Bill Standall is the dad everybody wants — and, as a bonus, he comes with Mark Pellegrino hugs!

Alex is in the clear, so why is Deputy Standall having a bonfire?

Heartfelt words from Bill Standall ahead of Thanksgiving dinner.

Not quite the same tone used by Mark when he’s chatting with dad as Lucifer!