Mark Pellegrino explains: accident

Mark kindly explained what accident means for someone who has difficulty understanding words and uses that misunderstanding in support of a dishonest narrative.

Since the term refers entirely to a state of consciousness and whether an act was willed or not…your ‘proof’ that biology adheres to cause and effect and so traits are not technically ‘accidents’ is a non sequitur. Whether mechanical cause and effect applies, no biological trait is willed is it? Also, the ‘negative’ connotations are inserted by YOU and your friends. Clearly the meaning of words is contextual. The context here: no conscious deliberation.. is so clear people who do no speak English even get it. Since one of the authors I quoted was African American are you going to imply he was racist for using that exact word in precisely the way I used it? In fact, I could point to multiple black scholars who use the word in the same way. They racist too? Or could it be that you’re just determined to hate me despite the Truth because being in your group and thinking the right thoughts means more? So.. when you decide to think about the meaning of words in the future. Think more deeply. Accident is a term applying to consciousness. Mechanical determinism is UNRELATED. I know that. Now you do too.