Mark Pellegrino’s plan for positive change

In discussions on his tweet about raising funds for the George Floyd memorial foundation and David Dorn memorial foundation, Mark responded to a challenge by setting out some of the actions he’d take to improve the system:

1) getting rid of partial immunity so that police have to answer for their crimes.

2) legalization of consensual acts that are presently criminal… meaning drugs and some immigration so that those cops lose their unusual powers over person and property that comes with banning products for which there is a market and acts for which there is consent.

3) community oversight of policing so that a board that directly represents the community can oversee incidents. No more internal investigations.

4) improve training and qualifications for officers.

5) limit the power of unions that serve mostly to impede progress and cartelize a workforce.

6) pay officers more and possibly tie that pay to tangible results within the community itself.

7) try cases… don’t cop pleas. That seems to be the case because the system is overloaded with drug ‘crime’ and other nonsense. Legalizing drugs will take the violence out of policing and depopulate prisons and court schedules so that they can spend their time on violent offenders. The high conviction rate (something like 97%) comes from this practice, often trapping lower-income folks in a conviction spiral. All to keep the overtaxed system from collapsing because of over litigiousness.

Those are just some of the things I want to work on. I welcome your ideas.


What a fantastic response!