Mark Pellegrino teaches honesty

Mark shared a great story on Twitter:

I remember watching an acting exercise in class. We have strict rules against physical violence. One of the actors in the exercise was a VERY athletic and tough dude… the other guy was bullying the shit out of him.. the athlete (his name was Derrick) kept saying I want to kick You ass and the other guy (who wasn’t tough at all) was in his face screaming TRY it mother f*cker. I stopped the exercise. I asked the smaller dude.. why are you doing that it’s untruthful.. he, like most actors, tried to pretend that that is the way he is. I said.. ok. I looked At Derrick and I said. I now remove the physical violence rules. I will take responsibility for what happens. Derrick.. if he makes you slap the fuck out of him… do what he makes you do… to the other guy I said.. go ahead and be you… Derrick smiles… the other guy Almost literally crapped his pants. Needless to say with the threat of real violence on the table the little guy got very truthful. No slap was necessary. I only know one formidable guy who talks shit… most talkers are trying to win a fight without fighting. ‘He threatened me’ no… you did when you said you would confront me publicly. I don’t know who you are… you know me… you’re already sucker punching me. It was an improvisational exercise that spontaneously turned into an argument. And the little dude got too big for his britches.

@MarkRPellegrino, 29 April 2020

The keyboard warriors who attack Mark on Twitter should pay attention to that lesson.