Mark Pellegrino on individualist ethics

Here’s a lovely series of Tweets Mark shared during a discussion under a quote he shared a few days ago.

I recognize that the generally accepted ethics will determine the type of political system. But even if it were an individualist system entirely, it would still need a common means of adjudicating conflicts. For example: the generally accepted ethics of our society is collectivism. Individualism is an aberration which is itself contaminated by anarchists who claim ethics is subjective… a REAL individualist understands that individual value pursuit is contextual, but the broad principles defining ethics are applicable to all. A REAL individualist also understands that markets and force are incompatible and that force is ALWAYS public, not just because the recipient of force is always being monopolized, but the public sphere SHOULD be rational. [1][2][3]

@MarkRPellegrino, April 27 2020

Mark refuted a reply from someone (a) denying the harm of someone worshipping irrational ideals and (b) dismissing Mark’s scenario as unattainable. [a]

Wrong on both counts 1) it harms me if someone wants to enforce irrational ideas (irrationality in the social sphere harms others) 2) and once again you’re claiming no error as a standard which is itself irrational. Rational doesn’t mean error-free… stop acting like it does. Someone who is irrational is free to be irrational. They have two laws to answer to. When their irrational behavior only involves them: drug addiction, prostitution, gambling drinking, smoking, overeating… etc.. the laws of nature will be their undoing. When that irrationality involves others: they rob to support the drug habit… hurt or kill someone while under the influence etc… a rational person cedes restitution to a process to promote reason in conflict. Moreover, since men are prone to error, we place a system of checks and balances and Appeals to correct errors.. many of these errors (and outright deliberate corruptions) could be avoided simply by making the police ONLY executors of retaliatory force. But even simply doing that checks would be in place to correct errors. [4][5][6][7]

@MarkRPellegrino, April 27 2020

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