Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: Kill or Be Killed

What happened in this episode?

The episode starts with a flashback to John’s childhood, and Stephen finds out that John was once his uncle’s star pupil.

Stephen’s mom finds out he’s working for Jedikiah; she doesn’t trust Jedikiah and she’s not happy he’s trying to find out more about his father. At his mom’s request, Stephen asks uncle Jed to dinner — and finds out about Killian McCrane, a former Ultra agent who can kill.

As Jedikiah starts his car, Stephen notices a fire.

Close call for Jedikiah there! John and Cara aren’t pleased Stephen saved his uncle’s life.

In a flashback, we get to see Jedikiah rescue John from an abusive foster home.

Take that, foster dad! Jedikiah saved John, so what went wrong?

Stephen talks Jedikiah into letting him go out after McCrane, though his partner doesn’t look too happy about it. Look at Jedikiah take control of the conversation with a look and a gesture! Is Jedikiah fond of Stephen after all, or does saving his life count for a lot?

Out in the field, Stephen goes after McCrane, getting a personal demonstration of his strength before his partner teleported him out to safety. Jedikiah lets Stephen know he’s not ready to go up against Killian but agrees to a family dinner. Jedikiah is wonderfully complex, and Mark plays him to perfection.

Jedikiah doesn’t think he’s Killian’s target. If Jedikiah trained him, he would know his strengths and weaknesses better than most. In which case, who IS Killian’s target — and why?

Over at Tomorrow People HQ, we find out Killian thinks John betrayed him. This is confirmed when Ultra reviews security footage of Killian looking at John’s file. John and Killian trained and worked together at Ultra.

John heads out for a confrontation with Killian — he wants John to join him in getting revenge against Jedikiah and Ultra, but John thinks Killian is the bigger monster. Killian’s ready for this, setting up six bombs that John disarmed at the same time.

Jedikiah shows up at Stephen’s home for the promised dinner. Stephen’s mom doesn’t trust Jedikiah and doesn’t want Stephen following in his father’s footsteps.

Meanwhile, Uncle Jed has a task for Stephen.

Interesting! Jedikiah wants to work with John to eliminate Killian. John surprises Cara when he agrees to meet Jedikiah. For all he disagrees with Ultra, Jedikiah is the closest thing John’s ever had to a father.

Stephen teleports Jedikiah into a noodle shop to meet John.

John and Jedikiah certainly have an interesting relationship!

At the final confrontation, we learn that Killian thought John was jealous of his gift, the ability to kill, but Ultra made it possible for John to kill too.

This was a great episode! We’re starting to find out more about the characters. Things aren’t as black and white as they first looked and the story is delivered brilliantly by a very strong cast.

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