Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: In Too Deep

What happened in this episode?

Episode two. Stephen has started working at Ultra, and he’s concerned when he learns a telepath will be able to access his memories. He makes an excuse at leaves, but is intercepted by Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino) who shows him around the nerve center.

We’ve got news feeds, surveillance monitors, police wires; we track incidents, altercations, suicidal teens, behavioural disorders, reports of chronic sleepwalking — which is how we found you, by the way.

Dr Jedikiah Price

Cara has cut Stephen off telepathically, but he teleports into the Tomorrow People’s lair and asks the Tomorrow People how they’re going to find Roger if they’re hiding like a bunch of paranormal refugees. Cara meets Stephen later and gives him a watch that will deflect telepathic signals, hoping to protect Stephen and his knowledge of the Tomorrow People. John isn’t happy about Cara trying to protect the ‘chosen one.’

I don’t care what he did, or who his father is. I will not let Stephen take the rest of us down with him.

John Young

The Tomorrow People use TIM (the AI) to identify a breakout (Kurt) using facial recognition. Cara can’t contact Kurt telepathically until his breakout is complete so all they can do is hope Ultra doesn’t find Kurt first. Meanwhile, Ultra is also on Kurt’s case, and Stephen is allowed to go out — as a fly on the wall — with Vaughn, the Ultra agent sent to pick him up. Stephen locates Kurt telepathically as he’s pleading with Stephen and Vaughn to go away from the crawl space above his bedroom. Stephen is shocked when a kill squad goes in after Kurt, and heads back to Ultra.

And Stephen… no one barges into my office. I’ll make an exception this one time because you’re new. And because you’re family.

Dr Jedikiah Price

Stephen heads back to the Tomorrow People but is told that it’s too late once a breakout is on Ultra’s radar and the Tomorrow People are a hunted species trying to survive, not superheroes.

At home, Stephen attempts to find out more about his dad. His mom tells him Roger was out of control and they were on the run. And when they stopped running, Roger left.

After Stephen’s visit, the Tomorrow People argue about going after Kurt, questioning whether it’s enough to survive if they don’t fight back. Stephen tracks Kurt down to an empty building, shortly followed by Vaughn who tries to take Kurt back to Ultra. Kurt breaks free and argues with Stephen before trying to force him off the roof of the building using his powers.

Back at Ultra, Jedikiah warns Stephen that helping the Tomorrow People will not be tolerated.

Jedikiah recognises Stephen’s watch and confiscates it, along with the chip that deflects telepathy.

Thanks to a quick exchange with Cara, Stephen passes his debrief with flying colours by filling his mind with a painful memory of his dad. Jedikiah appears proud of Stephen, but warns him that failure will not be tolerated.

Vaughn paid the ultimate price. Stephen tells the Tomorrow People they were right about Ultra and he can’t work there. John, however, has had a change of heart and tells Stephen they need him on the inside.

Stephen’s debrief was clean. Too clean.

Mark plays Jedikiah brilliantly; subtly menacing and so, so interesting!

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