Fact check

Mark called out some BS by fact checking a tweet about republican votes.

Let’s go with each of your idiot claims:

1) gas prices aren’t set by vote. They are set by supply and demand. Demand was first killed by stupid Covid lockdowns. And the. supply is killed by anti fossil political policies. All democrat inspired.

2) cheaper insulin also cannot be magically voted into existence. The FDA needs to liberalize the market and let competitors in. They aren’t. More democrat dumb.

3) tax credits for whom and for what? The dems are against tax credits for school choice and pretty much any other credit that promotes autonomy. But do tell. What credits did they vote against?

4) stimulus checks aka fake money. The dems seem to think fiat currency has the same value as commodity money or any other fiduciary medium backed by real assets. Guess what.. it doesn’t. Stimulus checks just make people poorer. Might I recommend a turn at basic economics?

5) making sure elections are fair and legitimate through voter ID is a rational means of protecting the vote. So are stipulations respecting days, times and methods. Taking away rules does not make the vote honest. It makes it gameable.

6) by domestic terrorism it seems you mean those pesky conservatives like the oath keepers who ‘stormed’ the capital…. Or a tidal though right? You know that band of anarchist savages that murdered twenty people, encourages assassination of law enforcement officials and causes 2 BILLION dollars in Property damage? Probably not. The left may have institutional capture, dictate the narratives and foment violence but the RIGHT is the real problem.

7) you’re right about this. The right is stupid about birth control and abortion. But the left is stupid too. They claim choice while compelling those who find both practices immoral to subsidize their preferences. That’s not a party of choice pal that’s bald authoritarianism.

8) I believe the vaunted FDA closed that factory down and the cartel system promoted by a regulatory state (a creature of the left) made it impossible for other vendors to pick up the slack. Again. You need liberalization of markets, not gov fiat.

9) I can’t speak to veteran cancer care but socialized systems that purport to deal with health issues usually can’t. Voila. Peace.

Mark Pellegrino

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