Problems caused by the establishment

“You do NOT steelman MY argument you argue with your version of me. Here’s a proper steelman: climate is changing. The solutions must be contextual (understanding BOTH the tremendous benefits of fossils and the harms) AND rights respecting. That means NO FORCE. The political class is incapable of developing a solution and certainly can do no such thing peaceably. When they interfere in markets they cause distortion, create scarcity (as can be seen by energy scarcity right here in Cali) and prevent innovation by draining productive capital. Science, additionally must be de-politicized as politicized science has historically shown a penchant for the creation of intellectual establishments whose ends are political, not scientific. We’ve seen this here. Quoting from those establishments is meaningless, and their economic ‘solutions’ are ridiculous. Narrow, lack context, and create lots of harm. You may not like Shellenberger, but he saw FIRST hand the price people in the third world are paying for a ‘green’ world. & Dreissen nailed the political corruption that is environmentalism. I WAS an environmentalist in my youth.”

Mark Pellegrino