Supernatural encounters

Have you had any supernatural experiences?

“Yes! I’ve had two. One very recently. The first Supernatural experience was my wife and I went to a haunted bed and breakfast. It was a church built in the 1800s and renovated as a hotel.” [Alex Calvert: that was your first mistake!] “We wanted to go there and experience something really scary. Apparently this church was haunted by a priest and a little girl.” [Alex: I don’t love that combo.] “I don’t know how the priest died, but the little girl was apparently murdered in the attic of the church. The priest was very creepy, he would tuck you in at night. So flash forward. Three o’clock in the morning. I’m asleep. And all of a sudden, my eyes pop open. Have you ever sensed somebody watching you? [Alex: right now, yeah!] “You know that someone is there but you can’t see them. I waited there, I was too scared to turn around, and I felt fingers on the back of my neck. And then I turned around, quickly… and there was nothing there. So, the second time was just recently. We’re staying in this little apartment. The building was built in the 1600s, it was a nunnery.” [Alex: a lot of catholic shit coming up, yeah?] “That’s where all the evil is, my friend. So, one night I was sleeping and I wake up, and there’s a motion sensor light in the hallway that all of a sudden pops on. Nobody’s there. Then it went off and I heard a creaking sound. And this happens a few nights in a row so I ask my wife, ‘that remote control light comes on by itself…’ and she says ‘oh there’s a ghost here. Sometimes he slams the bathroom door’. So that’s my second supernatural encounter.”

Mark Pellegrino, Dark Light 4

Mark went on to explain that he was once approached by Celebrity Ghost Stories, but they wanted him to embellish the story a little and now he’s suspicious of every celebrity ghost story he sees.