Who would win in a fight between Gavin Q. Baker and Virgil Poe?

Mark Pellegrino Advent Calendar Day 7

Video Transcript

Oh, Gavin Q. Baker. Because part of my backstory was that he was a Golden Gloves boxer. And I wanted there to be a scene where he was jumped, you know, by some anti-gay cunts with his boyfriend or husband coming out of a nice classy restaurant and he shellacked them. You know with boxing. That was just my own peculiar thing that I had in the back of my mind, it never came to fruition. But Virgil doesn’t have that knowledge. He’s just a street guy who has what he has, and I don’t think he’s really worked too hard at what endowments he does have to make them even better. And Gavin Q. Baker is the type that would go to the gym and box. And knowing that he would have to protect himself from the world.

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