Mark Pellegrino helps a friend in need

If you follow Mark on Twitter, you probably know he’s been debating about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict recently. Mark argues in favour of liberty, which means he stands with Israel. Instead of rational counter arguments, Mark is often on the receiving end of emotional outbursts, personal attacks, or comments that show the people he is arguing with don’t understand what Mark is saying and don’t realise what a good person he is.

Here’s just one of many examples of Mark’s kindness:

One of the people he’s been debating with said, “I bet you don’t even know any Palestinians in real life!!!” That’s a long way from the truth because one of Mark’s best friends since third grade — Danny — is from Palestine. Danny’s wife has cancer, so times are tough — Mark paid his bills this month. That is the sort of kind and compassionate person Mark is. A man who stands up for what’s right, and the kind of man who steps up to help a friend in need.

If you want to help Mark’s friend too, Danny and his wife have a gofundme:

Send them your best wishes — and a few dollars if you can.