The Daily Objective: Facebook Shrugged

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  • Facebook has blocked News in Australia because of proposed legislation to make it pay for news on its platform
  • Leery of legislation that interferes with organisations. I wish the government would stop trying to help us because the more they try to help us, the worse things get. They’re restricting the flow of information, but I’d rather have the choice of all the stuff out there than nothing at all — or some legislator determining what I should and shouldn’t have (Mark)
  • The legislation is meant to help ‘establishment’ media but it’s silencing new outlets too (Rucka)
  • Establishment/legacy news media is increasingly passing off ideology (Mark)
  • Mark’s working on an organisation limiting the damage made by frivolous organisations (Rucka)
  • Everyone needs to check out the sources — particularly on the impulsive media like Twitter.
  • It’s great Facebook are standing up to the legislators — somebody’s got to (Mark)
  • I respect what Facebook is doing — I hope it’s for the right reasons (Rucka)
  • Imagine the energy that goes into big tech going into promoting an ethics compatible with capitalism (Rucka)

Mark and Rucka also briefly referred to yesterday’s episode about Rush Limbaugh.