Mark Pellegrino in The Tomorrow People: Girl Interrupted

What happened in this episode?

The episode starts with a flashback showing Cara’s breakout when she used her powers to defend herself against a sexual assault.

The Tomorrow People have a plan to use Ultra’s intel against them — it depends on Stephen plugging a drive into Ultra’s network so TIM can sync with the mainframe within the firewall.

Stephen is out partying with Astrid and overhearing people’s thoughts, including Emily, who thanks a non-existent god that she’ll be dead in 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Jedikiah is getting his hands dirty, removing a Tomorrow Person’s powers because he of his criminal disposition — and threatening to take his life if he talks.

Mark’s delivery is perfect! Casual intimidation — another day in the office.

I’d believe Jedikiah too — he isn’t messing about. Mark’s micro-expressions are fantastic!

The Tomorrow People tell Stephen they don’t intervene in human lives — they’re focused on saving their own species. Jedikiah agrees, for different reasons.

Because what happens if by using your powers to help this person, you accidentally reveal to the rest of the world that there’s a new species living amongst them? One that could read their thoughts, steal their secrets, prey upon them. Humans would either try to exploit you or kill you and then millions would die, of your kind and mine. And that would indeed be a tragedy.

Dr Jedikiah Price

Stephen has his powers stress-tested at Ultra and Cara uses her telepathy to help Stephen get into the restricted area at Ultra. Stephen plugs the hardware in, but she’s overwhelmed by the noise and can’t help him make it back out safely — he’s almost caught, and Jedikiah is suspicious.

A flashback shows Cara’s arrest after her attacker died — it’s the five year anniversary, and this time of year is difficult for her.

At school, Stephen is trying to stage an intervention with Emily. She’s not interested and calls him out on a lie he told Astrid about how he knew she was struggling at the moment. He uses TIM to work out the meaning of some numbers that Emily was thinking about.

The Tomorrow People go after a breakout, but it’s a trap. Ultra has Cara. Jedikiah’s response to Stephen is interesting. He’s been seen so far as someone who doesn’t give an inch, but he’s software with Stephen.

Jedikiah is impressed with Cara, but that’s not going to change his mind.

Mark looks disturbingly happy when he’s delivering the line

Jedikiah is unmoved by Stephen’s appeal to save Cara, so Stephen has an alternative suggestion — take away her powers and turn her human as that’s the one thing John, her boyfriend, hates.

I can’t tell if you’re being sadistic or self-serving…

I love the way Mark delivers that line! He sounds proud.

Cara doesn’t want Stephen to take her powers — she would rather die — but Stephen goes ahead with his plan. On the way back to Ultra, it turns out Stephen stopped time again and swapped the fluid in the needle for saline. Cara still has her powers, and she’s free. Stephen’s got the better of his uncle, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Team Jedikiah!

Astrid has been trying to contact Stephen because Emily has gone missing; Stephen realises she is planning suicide by train, but he, Cara, and John intercept her. Stephen teleports out a second after the others and is spotted by Astrid.

You were at the train tracks. And then, all of a sudden, you were just… not.


Oops. Astrid shouldn’t be mad. It’s not Stephen’s fault she thought Stephen was off his meds when he told her he had powers!

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