Mark Pellegrino on Trans Rights

Trans rights ARE individual rights. There is NO distinction.

@MarkRPellegrino June 26, 2017
  • Women, POC, Trans, all minorities, are fighting for the natural right of EVERY individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  • Each person is unique and inviolable. You fight for rights? You’re fighting for the individual. Always.
  • 1) Rights =The individual’s natural right to live free from coercion. That goes for EVERYONE. As a general principle. 2) Trans people looking to have the same natural rights as anyone else are not seeking something exclusive to themselves, but universal
  • Trans rights ARE individual rights. There is NO distinction. If there is, tell me.
  • Of course I do. I’ve been saying that all along. Transgender people should have equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  • Yes, when you participate in spreading a lie about me, I WILL confront you. That you do it indirectly is even more cowardly [than] the already despicably cowardly act of spreading untruths on social media. I have NEVER called someone by anything other than what they’ve chosen to Be called. The LGBT community is very important to me as you can see from my header, not only because my son is gay, but because that community reached out to me in my youth and loved and supported me in very tough times. I only use the word ‘community’ for communication’s sake Because I treat everyone as an individual… not a member of a tribe. And if someone was trans and desired to be called by a particular prefix I would NEVER disrespect their wishes. Your friend either lied or is misinformed or misunderstood something.
  • I never classify people into groups because ALL rights are subsumed by INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. So I stand for YOU on that. well done…hang in there mon ami. I’m in the trenches with ya.
  • You know my son is gay. I worked in hospice when AIDS was still called GRID. And the LGBT community saved me when I was a teenager.
  • I don’t classify people as groups (as you do) A person who is transgender is an INDIVIDUAL who has ALL the rights of any other individual. […] Correct which is why it needs to be attacked from the perspective of individual rights. Anyone’s natural right to life and liberty. […] Those rights need to be recognized by some people who refuse to acknowledge the inviolability of someone who happens to be Trans
  • 1) My point is that regardless of sexual identity, race, or creed, individual rights belong to all and the FIGHT, is to get people to 2) recognize that superficial differences do not change our essential identity. Human beings have Human rights which are individual rights.
  • The purpose of a republic is the protection of the minority. The individual is the smallest, most vulnerable minority of all.
  • 1) The law should be inviolable individual rights. Meaning banning force. Hard to discuss rights in any real sense when force against 2) various groups is seen as a means of achieving the good. 3) at the present moment the rich are the easiest scapegoats… Business owners who are denied a say in exchanges BECAUSE of their wealth 4) a gov with the power to force one way relationships against some, has the power to do it to all. Separate gov and economics. Ban force 5) and the result will be peace.
  • Do you treat a mistake the same as something intentional? See the difference between you and I is, you intentionally lie and attempt to harm me… I didn’t know your gender. You are on the moral low ground and no amount of pathological distraction can evade that. And since I believe in earning respect… and you have not earned mine… I don’t have to call you anything.
  • Oh… not sure when that started but the most recent assault is that I unintentionally misgendered one of the relentless bullies (not knowing who they were or how they identified of course) and because I refuse to apologize to a thug (as I would to a nice person) I’m transphobic.
  • I haven’t refused [to use someone’s correct pronouns] egghead. In fact despite the fact that he/she is a bullying liar… I used he/she in reference to him/ her… follow? But he/she owes me an apology for being a LIAR.
  • There also a lot of histrionics and undeserved labeling. Identity politics and collectivism in general creates an us vs them mentality. Groups jockey for pol Faves. Individualism is the answer.
  • there you are right. But let’s not call them gay rights or women’s rights they are individual rights. Gay people In particular are fighting for the simple human right to have relationships with whom they please and consummate them as they choose. to say that a gay man or woman can’t marry and that such a thing would be bad for society. Is to subvert and sacrifice their values and judgement fir a collective that doesn’t exist.

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Mark Pellegrino has been the target of harassment and bullying on Twitter for several years. This page exists to help people who type ‘Is Mark Pellegrino transphobic?’ into a search engine find the truth.