Mark Pellegrino on Islam

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Here’s what Mark Pellegrino said about Islam and Muslims.

just because I think that Islam has largely rejected western concepts of rights and good. Does not mean I think ALL Muslims are violent. I despise that I have to keep saying that because it’s so infantile. But it does NOT change the FACTS that the rejection of those ideals has REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES. Part of which is an epidemic of violence against dissenters. THAT is an undeniable FACT. It wasn’t INDIVIDUALS who became violent over the Danish cartoons. It was a POPULATION . Fatwas are issued against western writers by religious LEADERS encouraging murder. And yes I have friends from Egypt. Lebanon. Iran. Israel. My friends are atheist. Christian. Jewish AND Muslim. So what? To deny that there is an epidemic of violence in the Muslim world, and that that violence is animated by acceptance of some ideas and the rejection of others, is to be completely out of touch with reality. I am against VIOLENT IDEOLOGIES THAT ARE ANTI HUMAN RIGHTS. that goes for secular and religious.

@MarkRPellegrino September 14, 2014

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