Planet Pellegrino Clubhouse Schedule

Time (unless otherwise specified): Fridays at 10pm UK time / 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific / 9am (Saturday) Australian Eastern when there’s no TV Talk.

Coming up

TBC — Being Human. Open to all. Hosted by RayRay and Ally.

TBC — The Devil Myth. Hosted by Elly.

TBC — Were Lucifer’s actions justified? Open to all. Hosted by Lu.

Past events

26 March — DLC4 Redux. Open to all. Hosted by Lu. With Rose, Regina and Katrin.

18, 19 & 20 March — Today at Dark Light 4. Hosted by Lu, Rose, Katrin and Marcha.

11 March — Reality Check (Selfishness). Open to all. Hosted by Lu.

4 March — Joint Body. 18+. Hosted by RayRay.

25 February — Not the TV Talk Aftershow: Fargo. Open to all. Hosted by Ally and Lu.

18 February — The Tomorrow People. Members Only. Hosted by Lu.

Join the club

Join. Listen. Participate. Host. All members can start ad hoc Club Rooms.

The scheduled discussion will be about an hour, followed by social chat. The last person to leave turns the lights off.