About Planet Pellegrino

Planet Pellegrino was created and launched in March 2020. This is a Mark Pellegrino fansite. It’s not unbiased, but it is honest!

The two Ps in the site logo are styled after this scene in Supernatural (S5E22) where Lucifer draws a trident on the window.

Around the site, you’ll find all things relating to Mark Pellegrino, including:

  • Mark Pellegrino’s TV and movie appearances. Mark has a very impressive résumé!
  • News, events, appearances, interviews. There’s a Coming Up page that lists work that I know about, with links to recent interviews and appearances.
  • The truth. Many visitors to this site are trying to find out if something they’ve read about Mark Pellegrino is true — the posts on this site will help you to see what Mark Pellegrino said, in his own words, with links to where he said it so you can see the truth for yourself. If you have a question that isn’t answered, get in touch: planetpellegrino@gmail.com or @PlnetPellegrino.
  • Clips and playlists from Mark Pellegrino’s TV shows and movies at Planet Pellegrino on YouTube. Most of these are somewhere on this site, but not all.

Get in touch via planetpellegrino@gmail.com or @PlnetPellegrino if you have a request, a suggestion, or you want to contribute something to Planet Pellegrino.

This is where you’re all from: