Equity and Equality

“There is no such thing as equity in the real world. Equality is a legal/moral concept ONLY. A recognition of the fact that we are all equally subject to the laws of nature and morality. Full stop. We are not equal in EVERY other way. Not even to ourselves from day to day. Equity is a utopian ideal, like everything else on the left, it has no practical application without violence. The world in which we live, not the one we imagine. In the world in which we live people are unequally gifted. In the world in which we live that inequality works to MY benefit so long as the legal and moral practice of equality is enforced. Leaving people alone. Leveling the playing field means gov does not enter into the game of deciding who wins and who loses. A level playing field means that starting from a lower economic station than your neighbor doesn’t entitle you to handicap him. The only reason it’s not is because the government is trying to make it more accessible.”

Mark Pellegrino